Please feel free to call 050-5804-0245 [Men Only], reserve online, or email info@exeo-international.com
Phone reservations will only be accepted between
1pm-8pm Monday to Thursday and 1:30pm-10:30pm Friday.[Men only]


Please sign in at reception (remember you can't attend without a reservation). The reception opens 15 minutes before the party. Please try to arrive between 10 and 15 minutes before the party start time.

Please tell your full name to the receptionist and show him/her your ID (Residence Card / Passport / military ID / Japanese government issued ID). This is to confirm your identification and your age. You will be given a clipboard with an information sheet, as well as you sheet containing your profile card, check sheet and other cards.

You will also be given a number badge. Please wear this badge prominently (preferably on your left breast) so that everyone can read it easily. Your number is your identification during the party, so it is important that everyone can see it.

3.The Party Begins!

Once everyone has completed their profile cards, we will begin the party. You have a conversation with the woman sitting opposite you. After a certain amount of time (normally 3 minutes, but can vary according to the number of guests), you should change partner.

The women remain seated and the men move to their left. Please try to change seats quickly, so that the party is not delayed. Remember to note down your impressions of each lady on your check sheet.

It is also important to remember which girl is which number, for when you write and receive cards later in the party.


After your initial conversations with all the women, no doubt there will be some that you want to speak to more.

To this end, we have free time. During free time you can talk to whichever girls you want. We also distribute messages during this time.

5.Couples Announced!

After free time, everybody fills out their coupling card, This is basically a vote card, where you write the numbers of up to three women you would like to go on a date with, in order of preference. We then collect all these cards, and find those men and women that voted for each other, of course, according to both of their preferences. We also collect the number badges with the coupling cards, so be sure to remember your number!

We then announce the numbers of all the couples, men should then escort out their new partner for their first date. We recommend offering to take them for a coffee or a drink.

  • This is how a party generally goes, of course, there may be slight variations, according to numbers of guests et cetera.
  • Only those aged 20 or above may attend.
  • There is neither a minimum nor a maximum number of guests, and this can be quite variable.
  • Please understand that we cannot allow people to leave during the party, and so there is a charge of 2,000yen for doing this.

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