Hi guys. We have our first ever Exeo International 'Executive Party' on Sunday 23rd in Roppongi. Check out our Roppongi Schedule page for details!


Our schedule for November is now up:


Our schedule for October is now up:


We have our first ever Saturday night Ginza event this week. This is exactly the same type of event as we usually have on Fridays, that is to say, the format is unchanged. We're trying out the Saturday night time slot as we've had lots of requests to host our events then instead of Friday. The event is also at the slightly earlier time of 9pm, instead of 9:30, so should accordingly finish earlier as well.


Coming up on Saturday 2nd August we have a Special Burger and Boat party in Yokohama!

Included in the entry fee (only 3000yen) you get a free gourmet hamburger, and a free boat cruise around Yokohama Bay!

The schedule is up now, so take a look at our Ginza page ↓ for more info! (On the Ginza page since we don't have a Yokohama page)


Despite the typhoon that is expected to hit Kanto on Friday, we have a lot of women signed up for this week's event in Ginza. I can't be sure whether the event will happen or not. If all the trains are stopped then the event will be cancelled.


As usual for this time of year (Golden Week), we have a couple of pretty big events tonight in Ginza and Umeda.
The upside is lots of women to meet, the downside is less time to speak to each of them. Here's hoping both events will be good!


Simon's advice on what to do and what not to do at/after an Exeo International event. From an interview with Kansai Scene.
Take a look!


Exeo International was featured on Fuji TV's 'Nonstop' program on Friday 14th March at 9:50am!
Here's what was said.


On the 29rd of this month we have another free-style party in Roppongi!

Our last event in November was yet another success. Come give it a try if you haven't already!

We have quite a few women signed up already, so please sign up if you can.

Due to Heartland closing down, this month's event will be in Tokyo Red Carpet.

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