About EXEO

Exeo is Japan's biggest and most famous dating party company, going back 15 years,. With Exeo, you can have confidence in the knowledge that you are getting a reliable, honest, and professional service. We host a great variety of parties in 87 cities in Japan, and feel able to tailor them all to maximize customer satisfaction and enjoyment.


Having noticed how many Japanese women are yearning for a foreign man, and how many single foreign men there were in Tokyo, we thought, 'who better than us to try to bring them together?'
Our parties are always full of eligible and attractive Japanese women, and we are always looking for eligible and attractive foreign men to join them. We want people to have fun at our parties, and of course hope that they are able to find love. The news of a happy couple being born is a greater reward to us that any financial one.

Why come to our party?
  • If you are looking for serious and dedicated Japanese women to meet with a view to love, there is no better means than an Exeo International party. The women who attend are a variety of ages, from mid-twenties to late thirties, and you are guaranteed to speak to every woman at the party.
  • You can feel at ease in the knowledge that we have checked everybody's ID.
  • There is no obligation to become a couple, indeed, many of our guests just become friends. Ultimately though, everyone is there for the same reason, and this fact also eradicates any initial embarrassment some may feel.
  • It only costs 2,000yen to attend, and there are no hidden charges. The only extra cost you may incur is 50yen to buy one of our pens if you forget to bring your own!
  • All parties are held in our exclusive locations around Japan.

We are sure you'll enjoy our parties, so please, if you're a single foreign man living in Japan, come along and have some fun!

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