About International Matching PartyInternational Matching Party

About International Matching Party

About International Matching Party

TMS group is Japan's biggest and most famous dating party company

Going back 15 years, we hosts a wide variety of parties in 87 cities all over in Japan tailoring to people of all kinds. You can have confidence in the knowledge that you are getting a reliable, honest, and professional service.

  1. How we got started

    We decided to start our international events due to the demand for international matchmaking in the Tokyo area. Since then, we have expanded to other cities.

    We love seeing successful couples emerge from our events.

  2. Why attend?

    If you're looking for looking for a serious and dedicated Japanese woman, there is no better means than an International Matching Party. We hold events in locations in the major cities around Japan.

    A wide variety of Japanese women with many different professions and personalities attend our events and best of all, you will have an opportunity to speak to every single one of them with the way the events are structured.

    Many of our guests become friends and some become even more than that. There's no reason to feel nervous or embarrassed as everyone is there for the same reason. Most important of all is to just enjoy the event and have fun with it.