Event Format & Rules

Event Format & Rules

A typical EXEO International event

From start to finish, this page details everything you'll need to know about how the events work, what you'll need, and the rules of the events.

*Note: If you would like to see a video explaining the event format, please view: this page

Event Format

  1. Finalize a Reservation


    A finalized reservation is required to attend any and all events. Reservations can be made online or over the phone.

  2. Reception


    The event has come! We start reception 10 minutes prior to the event's starting time. At reception, you will need to provide an ID (residence card only). After our staff confirms your name, you will then need to pay the entry fee.

    Once finished, you will be issued a number plate (this also corresponds to your starting seat number) as well as a profile card. Please proceed to your seat, begin filling out your profile card, and wait for the event to start.

    *Note: If you do not bring a pen, one will have to be purchased at reception.

  3. Conversation Time

    Conversation Time

    The party has begun! The first part of the event is conversation time, where you'll have a short conversation with the woman in front you. At the start of conversation time, be sure to exchange your profile cards and be sure to take some notes.

    When time is up, the host will make a brief announcement and then only the men will move onto the next number.

    *Note 1: All participants are identified by number only so make sure to note of the numbers of the women you are interested in as that info will be important for later.
    *Note 2: In the event there are more male participants than female, there will break periods between conversations.

  4. Coupling Cards & Announcements

    Couple announcements

    The final part of the event is the coupling card. On this card, you will write your number and the numbers of the women you are most interested in becoming a couple with in order of preference. Afterwards, the staff will collect and tally the cards.

    Once finished, the staff will announce the couples for the night. If the woman you are interested also voted for you, then your numbers will be announced as one of the couples.


  • Please be advised the information above is only general purpose and conditions may vary depending on the type of event, number of persons attending, etc.
  • In order to help maintain balance on both sides, there may be instances where we will refuse reservations, however, events have no upper or lower limit on the total number of people who may attend.
  • Please note that those who do not have a residence card (or has expired) on the day of the event, and those with work restrictions will not be able to participate. Also, please note that if you do not meet the participation conditions, it will be treated as a cancellation and a cancellation fee of 3,000 yen will be charged.

Event Rules

  • Persons under the age of 20 will not be admitted.
  • Male participants must be of non-Japanese nationality.
  • Participants must not currently be married.
  • Those who have a residence card and have no work restrictions.
Prohibited articles/acts

The following are strictly prohibited and may face expulsion from the current and future events as well as legal consequences:

  1. Persons entering with an invalid or fake identification.
  2. Giving other participant's personal information to a third party.
  3. Violating other participant's human rights.
  4. Blackmailing or stalking other participants.
  5. Solicitations in any shape or form.
  6. Any form of criminal activity not listed above.
Change or Suspension of Service

We may change or suspend any of our services at any given time without notice.


Under no circumstances shall EXEO International take responsibility for the accuracy or reliability for the information provided by other participants nor shall we take responsibility for any actions that may occur when the event has finished.

Privacy Policy

EXEO International will not share any personal information or images to third parties without consent. Personal information is kept securely and only used by our company for sending promotional materials and informing customers about new or changed services. We will desist if requested.