Are there any other costs?
The only costs are the party entry fee and, if applicable, any outstanding cancellation fees you may have. These will be paid at reception. If you forget a pen, however, one must be purchased at reception for ¥50.
Can I make a reservation for my friend(s)?
Yes, we permit reservations for multiple people. When making a reservation, you will simply need to provide some information about the person(s) you are inviting.

Please note, however, that if you add additional guests and any of the guests do not come or cancel, you will be responsible for any and all cancellation fees for each guest that cancels.
What happens if I don't finalize my reservation?

This will be treated as if you never had a reservation, so nothing will happen and no cancellation fee will be incurred.

However, if you come to an event without a finalized reservation, it will still be considered not having a reservation and, if you still want to attend (provided we have space), the standard entry fee will apply (regardless whether or not you signed up during the free entry period) plus an additional "at the door" ¥500 reservation fee.

Please ensure you have finalized your reservation before coming.

How do I finalize my reservation?

After inputting and submitting your information for the initial reservation, we will send you an e-mail with a link to click on which will direct you to the finalization page. From there, you can finalize your reservation.

I never received a finalization e-mail/I can't finalize

Some e-mail providers may flag this mail as junk, so please check your spam/junk e-mail folders for this e-mail if you don't receive it.

If you are still having problems, please contact us and our staff may be able to finalize your reservation manually.

Can I make a reservation on the day of the party?

Yes, provided there is space, you can make an online reservation up to 2 hours before the event.

Can I attend the event without a reservation?

In order to help maintain balance, only those with finalized reservations may attend. If you show up without a reservation and balance permits, it's possible you may be admitted with an "at the door" reservation. Such reservations will cost the full price of admission plus an extra ¥500 fee.

If the event balance is already fine, however, it's not likely you will be admitted to the event.

What if I want to cancel?

Reservations can be canceled online using your account up to 19:59 7days in advance of the party.

During this time period, reservations may also be canceled free of charge.

However, for any reservations canceled after this deadline, a ¥3,000 cancellation fee will be incurred (regardless of the reason). For any such cancellations, please contact us.

Unfinalized reservations can be canceled free of charge at any time. They do not need to be canceled, though we appreciate if you do so.

I forgot/lost my password, what can I do?

We offer a password recovery on: this page.

Please follow the instructions provided.

What do I need to bring to the event?
Residence card, a pen, and your attendance fee (exact, if possible). A bottle of water is also recommended, as you'll be doing a lot of talking.
By what time should I arrive?
The best time to arrive is 10-15 minutes prior to the event start time. (e.g. At 21:15-21:20 for a 21:30 party)

Please don't come too early, as there may be another event being held at that time and you'll have to wait outside the venue. Conversely, try not to be late as you are likely to miss out on speaking to some of the women if you are.
How long do the events last?
The events last around an hour and a half. (e.g. a 21:30 event tends to finish at or shortly after 23:00).
How many people attend?
It varies by week and venue, but generally between 20-40 people total.
Are there more women or men?
We do our best to have an even balance, but always err on the side of having more women. As a result, our average male:female ratio is around 4:5.
What kind of people come?
Many different kinds of people. We have a wide variety of personalities, professions, etc. All of the men are non-Japanese, and all of the women are Japanese.
Are there any age restrictions?
Participants must be at least 20 years old. Anyone under the age of 20 will not be admitted.
What are the ages of the participants?
This will vary by event, but the majority of men and women are in their late 20’s or early 30’s. However, we've had plenty of people who fall outside this range as well.
What should I wear? Is there a dress code?
There is no specific dress code, but we do recommend making some effort to look reasonably stylish as the ladies prefer this.
Can I attend if I was previously married?
As long as you are no longer legally married, yes. You should be honest about this with the women, though.
Can I attend if I have children?
If you are not legally married, yes. You should be honest about this with the women, though
Are food or drinks available?
No. We don't allow food. Plastic-bottled, non-alcoholic drinks are permitted, but are not available for purchase at the party venue, unless stated otherwise.
Is parking available?
Unfortunately, we do not have parking available at any of our venues.
What if I get lost?
You can call International Matching Party (050- 1791- 5840050- 1791- 5840) for general information, but if you can speak Japanese, you can also call the TMS Group Japan Reservation Center (050- 1791- 5840050- 1791- 5840), who can give you detailed directions (in Japanese only).

If you haven't been to the venue before, we strongly recommend taking some time to find out how to get there before leaving.
What happens if I become couples with someone at the event?
We will announce your numbers. At that time, you'll leave the venue together. After this point, you're free to do whatever you want!
There was someone I wasn't able to talk to as much as I would have liked during the event. Is there any way to contact this person?

International Matching Party offers the "After Approach" service, which is available for cases such as this.
To info@exeo-japan.co.jp
Subject: Request for After Approach
Text: Venue, date and time, name, phone number, email address
Please contact us with the above information.
For more information, please check out this page.