After Follow Service

After Follow Service

During our event, you got to meet lots of women, but perhaps there was someone you wish you could have gotten to know better, but weren't able to get any contact information during the event. What can you you do?

EXEO International offers its "After Follow Service" to allow post-event contact of customers. This page will detail everything you need to know about the service.

After Follow Service Terms and Conditions

Please review the following before proceeding with a request.

  • Under no circumstances will we provide customers' names, addresses, or other personal information without the customers' expressed permission.
  • We will ask you to provide some information, but most importantly: You must provide the number of the woman during the event as well as your own number. If you do not know the woman's number, then we will be unable to complete your request.
  • After Follow requests must be made within one month after the party ended.
  • If the requestee declines your request, we will not contact that person a second time.
  • Upon receiving approval from the requestee, you will be notified and payment must be made within one month. Failure to provide payment or cancellation of the request at this point will incur a 3,000 yen cancellation fee.
  • After receipt of payment, we will provide you with the information as given by the requestee. We take no responsibility for the actions of the requestee (e.g. she changes her mind, doesn't reply, etc.) As such, after receipt of payment, no refunds will be given.

How to apply (online)

1. E-mail us your request

Currently, we can only accept online requests via e-mail. You can send us a request using our Contact page. In your message, please be sure to state your interest in the After Follow service and please provide the following information.

  • Venue and date of the event
  • Your full name
  • Your number at the event
  • Woman's number at the event (if you know her name, this can help, but is not required)
  • Your area of residence
  • Your occupation
  • Your preferred method of contact (e.g. phone number, e-mail, LINE, etc.)
    *Limit of only one method of contact per submission.
  • Description of yourself at the event (e.g. clothes, hair, etc)
  • A brief message you would like to send
2. We contact the requestee

After verifying your information, one of our Japanese staff will contact the requestee and ask for her approval. This process may take time depending on the requestee. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

3. We receive a yes/no response from the requestee
The requestee says "yes"

Upon receiving approval from the requestee, we will notify you and then require payment for the service. The payment is 3,000 yen and is non-refundable. You will also be notified of the amount due via e-mail so please confirm before sending.

Payments can be made via bank transfer and our banking information is listed below.

Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Yokohama Nishiguchi Branch
Account number: 1194263
EXEO Japan Inc.

Here is the same banking info, but in Japanese (this can help the staff if you have it)


Upon confirming receipt of payment, we will then provide you with the customer's contact information and that will conclude our service.

The requestee says "no"

The service ends here and we will notify you of the result. No fees will be incurred nor any payment required.

*Please note that we will not respond to requests for the same person a second time.