Event Reports

Event Reports


Another good Nagoya event


9 men 13 women

6 couples

Another good Nagoya event this evening. The balance was okay (better than usual in Nagoya), and there was a good atmopshere inside the room.

6 out of the 9 men left with a date, which is a good success rate.

Our past few Nagoya event have been much better, and it's simply because we have had more men attending. Please do come along if you can guys.


A good event in Nagoya


11 men 17 women

7 couples

We had more men than usual at tonight's Nagoya event, which made for an excellent party. We had a lot of new guys come and join (I'm not sure why they all came tonight).

The party had a good atmosphere, and most of the men left with a date. We hope this is a sign of things to come in Nagoya, as we've generally struggled to get enough guys. Of course, we want even more than this, as there's so much unsatisfied demand from the women of Nagoya it seems!


Small but nice event in Nagoya

6 men 9 women

4 couples

This was a very good balance and a generally nice party tonight in Nagoya. We often have a bad balance with too many women in Nagoya, but this time decided to limit the number of women signing up.

As it turned out, we could ave done with a few more women, but this event was better than usual, especially as we made 4 couples. It's not so often that most of the women make matches.


Small event in Nagoya


4 men 5 women

2 couples

It was quite a cozy event in Nagoya, with less than 10 guests in total. We had more women wanting to sign up (despite the inclement weather), but just couldn't get any more guys. As it happened, a few of the women who were signed up cancelled on the evening, so we ended up with a good balance.

Nagoya guys, please spread the word about these events, as I'm sure there's enough foreign guys in Nagoya to make our events there as successful as our Tokyo and Osaka events.


Friday night in Nagoya


4 men, 9 women

3 couples.

A very high success rate tonight, but quite a low turnout from the guys.

The parties really work (3 out of a possible 4 couples is hardly bad). I'm pretty sure there's a lot of single foreign guys in Nagoya. Spread the word fellas. We have a really nice venue in Nagoya, and don't like to see it so empty!

It's totally free, and works a dream. What's not to love?


Friday night in Nagoya


3 men, 7 women.

2 couples.

Not a good turn out from you Nagoya guys. We inevitably had a good couple ratio for the guys, but only 2 out of our 7 women made matches, which isn't good for them!

This is why we have our cancel fees guys; it really screws the event up for the women if guys just don't turn up!

Spread the word, and make sure you turn up if you say you're gonna! Please!


Quiet night in Nagoya


2 men 2 women

1 couple

A small party again in Nagoya. At least people had a good time though, and we made one couple.

We'd like the parties to be bigger than this. We had to turn away lots of women who wanted to join, because we didn't have enough men. We hate having to turn people away from our parties, so please spread the word.

The parties are still fun and our success rates are still good. Just come along and try it sometime, perhaps with friends. It's free after all!


Cozy night in Nagoya


2 men 2 women

1 couple

Not exactly a huge party at Nagoya tonight. No doubt this is in part due to recent events. Those guys that are still here, please do sign up to our next party. It's totally free if you book in advance.

We had women wanting to come, but couldn't allow them because we didn't have enough men. We hate having to do this.

Those who did come seemed to have a good time. Of course, it wasn't up to our usual standard, but hey, we still had a 50% couple ratio!


Good party in Nagoya


6 men / 9 women

3 couples.

A good party in Nagoya. Good numbers, a decent balance, and half of the men made couples.

We're wanting parties of at least this size every time in Nagoya. From February the parties will be once per month, on the first Friday of each month. Hopefully this will mean we can have big parties every month.

Please check the schedule and sign yourselves up.


A Small But Romantic Evening in Nagoya


2 men / 4 women

2 couples made.

Unfortunately we had a lot of cancellations again which meant we were not able to invite a lot of women to the events. However, starting this year we are expecting a much larger turnout!

Even though it was a slightly smaller event, we had a great atmosphere, and people really enjoyed themselves!

Its a shame to have to turn away so many women, so please guys, get yourselves signed up!