Event Reports

Event Reports


A Small But Romantic Evening in Nagoya


2 men / 4 women

2 couples made.

Unfortunately we had a lot of cancellations again which meant we were not able to invite a lot of women to the events. However, starting this year we are expecting a much larger turnout!

Even though it was a slightly smaller event, we had a great atmosphere, and people really enjoyed themselves!

Its a shame to have to turn away so many women, so please guys, get yourselves signed up!


Another great party in Ginza


10 men / 12 women

5 couples.

A really great balance again in Ginza. We keep having such good parties. Lots of the guys signed up in advance and were able to come in for free. We think it's great value for 2000yen. For free, you'll feel like you've robbed us. So do try to sign up online nice and early.

Every week in Ginza is providing great parties, and we're so pleased that so many couples are being born. Today it was 5 couples, and they all seemed so happy.

Even for those who didn't make a match, it was still a good atmosphere and good fun.

Do spead the work to your friends, remember we have our January Friend Campaign running, so you can receive a 500yen Quo card for every new friend you bring.

Hope to see you soon!


Festive fun in Shinjuku


7 men / 9 women

4 couples.

Another very successful party on Christmas Eve in Shinjuku.

Really nice atmosphere. All the guys and girls were very friendly and got along well. All of the women spoke English, and there were a variety of ages, though everyone was very beautiful. All the men seemed really happy and to have really enjoyed themselves. There was definitely a lot of Christmas spirit on display.

Merry Christmas everyone, and see you in 2011!


Another big Ginza party

Exeo International @ Ginza 2010/12/17

17 men / 21 women

10 couples!

Another really successful party in our ever-popular Ginza venue.
Almost 40 guests and 10 couples made out of a possible 17. That's almost 60%.

We had a good balance between men and women, and a perfect number of both. We don't like to have much more than 40 guests as it means everybody has less time to speak to each other (as we have always have the same time limit).

There were lots of happy smiling guests leaving for their dates, and even those who hadn't made matches had clearly had a great time.

There was a great atmosphere all night and everyone seemed to have a really good time. It was another perfect evening.

Come along soon!


Nice evening in Osaka


7 men / 8 women

3 couples made.

A really well-balanced event in Osaka, and a nice atmosphere all night.

Plenty of guys came along. More than we'd expected on Christmas Eve. It was a fun evening with 3 new couples made. Many beautiful young women in attendance, as is becoming the norm in Osaka.

Hope to see lots of you guys there in 2011!


Exeo International @ Nagoya


1 man / 2 women

1 couple made.

Unfortunately we had a lot of cancellations from men this night, meaning we couldn't allow more than 2 women to attend. It was a great shame as we had many women wanting to sign up.

There was a nice atmosphere at the party though, and we made a couple.

Its a shame to have to turn away so many women, so please guys, get yourselves signed up!


Exeo International @Shinjuku

Exeo International @Shinjuku 12/10 21:20〜
11Men /15 Women

5 matches were made!

One of our most beautiful parties! So many good looking women came, that it was hard for men to choose who they wanted to see again!

Everyone arrived on time, and we had quite a nice atmosphere the whole way through. The women were pleasantly surprised to find that many men were able to speak Japanese this week! Of course, that is not necessary, but it never hurts.

Last week we were also very pleased to have many women in their 20’s attend! Not only that, they had such bubbly personalities, and were so pleasant to talk to!

Christmas time is big dating season in Japan, and so many women
are eager to meet some foreign guys to spend the cold days and nights with.

Next time, we are in Ginza, which usually has 20-30 female attendees!
We hope to see you there!


Exeo International @ Nagoya

EXEO INTERNATIONAL @Nagoya 12/10 21:20〜

3 Men /5 Women

3matches were made!

Not our biggest party, but definitely one of our best! In fact, every man attending walked away with a match!

Quite a lot of gorgeous women came last week, and as we all know, Nagoya women have excellent style!

All of the women attending were so happy, that it looks like the next event will be filled with so many more beautiful women!

We had some delays in during reception, so please make sure you get there on time and have your ID, pen, and entrance fee (if necessary) ready so you can progress smoothly through reception.

Looks like we’re going to have a lot of women next week, so we hope you can make it on December 17th!


Exeo International @Osaka


8 Men /18 Women

3 matches were made!

More than twice as many women showed up as men! Too bad for the ladies, but lucky for they guys!

In fact, there were quite a few BEAUTIFUL women there! Most of the women speak good English and the men attending had an excellent time at the party!

Of course, we are always looking for more guys to attend. If you or your friends are interested in coming, it is free to sign up 72 hours before the party starts!

Plus, it looks like we’re going to have a lot of women next time, so we hope you can make it on December 24th!


12/3 Ginza Party

Exeo International @Shinjuku 12/3 21:20〜
19 Men /20 Women

3 matches were made!

Quite an evenly matched party last Friday night! Plenty of beautiful women and
Handsome guys showed up. Actually, or Japanese staff member was very impressed with the
number of good looking guys attending!

Of course there were so many gorgeous women in attendance! One some women were every so popular, and guys were lining up to talk to them!

Just a tip, it’s a good idea to take send message cards to women. If they know you’re interested, they’re likely to vote for you at the end.

Also, please remember to write your number on all of your cards so there is no confusion.

Only a few matches, but we had many people talking and enjoying themselves. One of the best atmospheres we’ve ever had.

This week we’re in Shinjuku. We already have over 15 women signed up and we’re looking for some more guys!

Hope to see you this Friday!