Access Information - Ginza

Access Information (Ginza)

Venue Information

English Address

Ginza Mariage
Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku, Yuurakucho 1-2-14, Murasaki Building 5F

Japanese Address

東京都千代田区有楽町1-2-14 紫ビル5F

Nearest Station(s)

Yuurakucho (JR/Subway), Shimbashi (JR), Hibiya (Subway), Ginza (Subway), Uchisaiwaicho (Subway)

How to get to our Ginza Venue

Please note the photos may vary slightly from when they were taken to the current status.


1From JR Yuurakucho Station
Head out the Central West Exit or the Hibiya Exit of JR Yuurakucho Station. You should see a Bic Camera nearby. The the railroad tracks will be elevated besides you the whole way. Head south.

Photo 1

2Turn left and cross the street
There will be a fairly large street to cross after turning left out of the station.

Photo 2

3Cross the next intersection
When you get to the next intersetion you should see a "BIG ECHO". Cross this street and keep heading straight.

Photo 3

4Turn right at the next intersection
Keep going along the railroad tracks through the series of shops until reaching the next intersection, which should have a building with red signs and the Imperial Tower Hotel across the street. Turn right here (don't cross the street)

Photo 4

5Murasaki Building
The building nextdoor to the red sign building is the Mursaki Building. You should see our sign on the front. We are on the 5th floor.

Photo 5

6Ginza Mariage on the 5th floor
Head up to the 5th floor of the Murasaki Building to find the Ginza Mariage.

Photo 6


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