Access Information - Nagoya

Access Information (Nagoya)

Venue Information

English Address

Nagoya Mariage
Nagoya-shi, Nakamura-ku, Meieki 2-45-10, Kawashima Building 5F

Japanese Address

名古屋市中村区名駅2-45-10 川島ビル5F

Nearest Station(s)

Nagoya (JR)
Nagoya (Subway exit #1)

How to get to our Nagoya Venue

Please note the photos may vary slightly from when they were taken to the current status.


1Sakura Dori Exit
Head out the Sakura Dori exit of JR Nagoya Station.

Photo 1

2Head to the left
After exiting from the Sakura Dori exit, head over to the left area.

Photo 2

3Past the subway entrance
When you see the subway entrance, head past that and go straight towards the main street.

Photo 3

4Cross at the intersection
There's a large intersection ahead of you. Cross here. You'll be in front of the Dai Nagoya Building.

Photo 3

5Turn left after crossing
Once you cross, turn left.

Photo 5

6Go past Sugi drugstore
You'll see a Sugi drugstore along the way. Go past this and keep going straight.

Photo 6

7Joysound on the corner
When you reach the next intersection, you should see a Joysound Karaoke parlor. Cross the street towards it and go to the building on the right. This is the Kawashima Building. The Nagoya Mariage is on the 5th floor.

Photo 7


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