In May, we'll be introducing our new online events!

Check out the events schedule page for more details.

We appreciate your continued support.

Due to the nationwide state of emergency order and for the well-being of all our customers, we're announcing that all of our events from April 8 to May 6 nationwide have been canceled.

If the order is extended, we will announce any future cancellations.

We're sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Be safe everyone!

The next International Party will be in May!
Please come and visit us at your convenience! !!

・ 5/1 (Friday) 21: 20〜 Ginza Mariage 5th floor
・ 5/1 (Friday) 21: 20〜 Osaka Station 3rd Building 33rd Floor Sky Lounge "MARIAGE"

Thank you for your continued patronage of EXIO.
To those affected by the new coronavirus infection and those concerned,
I sincerely thank you.

On April 7, an emergency declaration was issued based on the Revised Act on Special Measures against Pandemic Influenza.
Therefore, for the time being from April 8 (Wednesday), it was subject to declaration
7 prefectures (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Osaka, Hyogo, Fukuoka)
All parties will be cancelled.

Focusing on customer safety, paying close attention to the latest information such as guidelines and announcements from the government and local governments,
We will continue to make decisions while considering the location of each venue.

Therefore, for the time being, depending on each venue,
Please understand that service provision to customers is different.

We deeply apologize to all those who have applied for the party.
We will announce on our website about future resumption of parties and seminars.
Thank you for your understanding and understanding.

[Closed period]
April 8 (Wed)-For the time being

[Area to be closed]
■ Tokyo
Tokyo venue / Ginza venue / Shinjuku venue

■ Aichi Prefecture
Nagoya venue

■ Osaka Prefecture
Umeda venue / Namba venue

There is holding today!
We look forward to your inquiry over the phone.
Want to fall in love across borders?

・ 4/3 (Fri) 21: 20 〜 Ginza Mariage 5F
・ 4/3 (Fri) 21: 20 〜 Osaka Station 3rd Building 33F Sky Lounge "MARIAGE"

Each person has a different perspective on what is happening now.
That's why talking with people you meet for the first time will give you a lot of opinions and make it interesting.
Conversation with nature is excited, and communication can be taken.
By all means, please try making a story!

Profile cards are pretty valuable.
An action that shows who you are and what you are interested in.
If it is easy to convey it moderately, it is easy to convey it, so please be aware ^^

We will ask if you can join even those who are not good at English.
Even if you don't speak English, what matters is communication!
And if you interact with a smile, the distance between you and the other party will be shortened ^ ^
Please do not hesitate to apply! !

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Today are the Ginza and Osaka Umeda events. Hope to see you here!

This week's scheduled events.

Feb. 28th - Ginza at 21:20
Feb. 28th - Osaka Namba at 21:20

Hope to see you here!