What's Next?

What's Next?

What's Next?

Hello everyone. Every time spring seems to peek out from around the corner we seem to get smashed with some of that strange cold weather from out of nowhere. Hope you guys are staying warmer than I am.

This week we'll finish up our series on dating parties and then we will finally move on to some other stuff. With any luck, by now you've tried a party or two. Hopefully you dressed up nicely, been polite, and you have been smart in choosing the women you want to talk to. And let's say you've actually managed to connect with a girl.

So what now? I know the notion of clubbing her on the head and then taking her to your man cave is appealing, but unfortunately that approach is a little out of vogue and illegal. Here are a few tips on how to turn a pleasant meeting into something more.

* Be active, but not pushy

If you want to go out after the event that is great – suggest it to her, but don't make her do things she doesn't want to do. Some women are totally game to go somewhere, but many of them are tired after the event (they often take place at night) or they simply don't feel comfortable yet. If you are interested in this girl, let her do what she wants to start and that will up the chances of her wanting to meet with you later on.

This also applies when you are trying to keep in contact with her later. Send her an e-mail the next day (you did get her e-mail, right?) and tell her it was nice meeting her and that you would like to meet her again. Yes, I understand that you should "always be closing", but don't start making plans for the next day for risk of coming off desperate. Also, don't bombard her if she isn't quick to reply. Give her about a week to respond to your e-mail. And DON'T confront a girl if she doesn't reply quickly.

Ultimately, you have to accept dating parties for what they are – they are a way for single people to reach out to each other and make a connection. This doesn't make a person automatically comfortable with you, nor does it make them ready to commit suicide in your name. It does however give you a starting point for the former (and if you are really smooth, the latter), and that is all on you – with a little help from me of course.

Until next time.