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Take Advantage of Your Difference

Take Advantage of Your Difference

Take Advantage of Your Difference

Why do foreign men like Japanese women? Is it because we are pretty? Is it because we are kind? Is it because we are small? Maybe it is because we are different than other countries men.

So, why do you think we like foreign men? It is because you are different than Japanese men! We grow up with Japanese men. Our fathers are Japanese. Our brothers are Japanese. Japanese men are not gentlemen. They do not hold door for us or try to keep us warm in cold weather. They also don't hold our hands in public or compliment us much.

But foreign men are different than Japanese! We want you to hold our hands in public. And if we are making dinner or cleaning, we want you to help without being asked.

Maybe the biggest thing we want you to do is say "好き" (suki) to us. Not every day but many times we want you to tell us. Or if you could compliment us, we will fall for you. Please tell us we are pretty or beautiful!

I also have a warning for you. Don't become too Japanese. Speak English/French/Spanish etc. as much as possible. We want to learn foreign language. Also, if we speak in your language always, you are at an advantage, so it is better for you.

We want you to understand some Japanese. And if you get good at Japanese or if we see that you are studying, we will be so very happy. BUT, don't get too good. If you start to sound like a Japanese, and behave like a Japanese we will lose interest.

Basically, my advice for you is to get a hint of Japanese in you but not too much.

If you can do this, I am sure you will have no trouble finding a Japanese girlfriend and staying with her for a long time.

See you next time (*^_^*)