Please Be Subtle

Please Be Subtle

Please Be Subtle

One of the most difficult things when you talk with us is that you had better not tell us anything, other than compliments, directly. Especially anything negative.

I'll give you an example.

I think that most women want to make dinner/lunch for their sweethearts. We take time to find a recipe we think you will like. Then we go to the supermarket to buy the ingredients and pour our love into your meal. We like to do this for you. But some Japanese food may be different from the food in your home country and it may not be to your liking. Even so, we would love it if you could eat as much as possible. But what if you can't eat it all, what should you do?

First, please tell us thank you, even if you didn't like it. Just those two little words will make us sooooo happy!

And if you cannot finish it or eat any of it, then please sugar-coat your response with a white lie. Something like, "Thank you for cooking for me. I know you went through a lot of trouble to cook, but I am not used to this kind of flavor/food. We don't have it in my country. If I get used to it, I might be able to eat more, but I cannot eat any more today. Sorry."

I know it's a mouthful, but this will help to smooth things over. And please make sure you tell us after you have finished eating, and not after your first bite.

I think you might be surprised and even confused to hear this, but we like you to tell us what you think. Recently, Japanese guys don't express their feelings, so we sometimes get upset. The important part is the way you break bad news.

I hope it's not too confusing.☆

Well, see you next time (*^_^*)