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Getting to Know Japanese Women

Getting to Know Japanese Women

Getting to Know Japanese Women

Everyone wants to go out with Japanese women, don't they?

Have you ever met a Japanese woman? I'm sure that Japanese women are totally different from the women in your home country. I think guys who know us probably understand this. It's natural for different countries and cultures to produce different kinds of women. So, in order for you to understand us better, and have a chance to catch one of the beautiful Japanese women, I'm going to give you some advice.

This method for attracting and interacting with Japanese women is based on the opinions of other foreigners who have dated Japanese women before.

First, I want to tell you the good points and bad points of Japanese women. I hope you will be able to understand us better and have smooth communication.

1. Japanese women are active!!!

Japanese women are lively and active! We are open-minded and long to try new things. We also have a lot of interest in foreign countries, and when we decide to go abroad, we leave the very next day!

We don't plan before we act.

Recently, there are a lot of women who wish to improve themselves. They aren't satisfied with their current situation. So, usually once or twice a week, we like to learn something new, like English, dancing, candle making, cooking, sports, etc. Many women are studying to gain some kind of certification in their field of study. Japanese women like learning!

So, you guys have to have the energy to keep up with us!

2. Japanese women are free

Now, Japanese women are free to do anything we want! When we want to study, our parents let us leave home and study in the city. When we want to keep working after marriage, our husbands let us work. And Sometimes the look after our children at home. We work just as hard as men, even harder sometimes!

Japanese women are becoming more and more assertive. We want to contribute not only to our families, but also to society. Some women even keep chasing their dreams after they get married and even while they are raising children!

So, our ideal man is the guys who can understand us and support us.

3. We Japanese women are energetic towards our darlings.

We express our love to our partner much more than you'd expect. Sometimes we give our love priority over our family and careers. It might be up to you whether you feel this is "too much" or "surrounded by love."

Although we have freedom, we tend to place our priority on our partner. I hope you guys understand this tendency as we will care much more for you than we do for ourselves!

☆ Is this a bad point of Japanese women? The most difficult part about talking to Japanese women is that we don't give clear and direct answers. For instance, we won't tell you what kind of food we want to eat, we'll only say, "Anything you want." Sometimes we say, "I'm not angry," when we are actually angry. Or we might even say "I hate you," even though we love you very much! We seldom speak directly, especially in front of you. We just hope you will figure out what we are really thinking.

If you can understand our complicated "girl's hear," I'm sure you can get along with us. But it's not easy, even Japanese men have a difficult time with us sometimes. Maybe the most important thing is to realize that our backgrounds are different and to make an effort to understand each other.

Don't give up!!