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The Younger Generation of Japanese Women

The Younger Generation of Japanese Women

The Younger Generation of Japanese Women

Hello everybody.

I am back to give you more advice on how to meet Japanese women successfully.

First, you need to understand that women in their early 20's a different than those in their mid and late 20's. This is not just a sense of style or difference in musical taste, etc. The younger generation of women in Japan are looking for different things. This is probably the way the future of Japanese women will be.

First off, Japanese women want you to have money. Japanese women younger than me would much rather have a rich boyfriend that was ugly than a handsome boyfriend that did not have much money. So, it's important to show that you have the potential to earn money.

Next, the younger generation is nervous that you are playboys. They want some confirmation that you aren't just looking for any woman. Many times a younger women will reject your invitation for a date. Not because she is not interested in you, but she wants to make sure you are only interested in her. Try to ask her again at a later time. But make sure you are not too forceful. Ask her if she wants to go to dinner or coffee. There is a good chance she will say yes after a few tries.

The last piece of advice I would like to give you is how to express your emotions to Japanese women. We are too shy to hear "I love you," many times. We prefer that you show emotions in a physical way. This is not sexual. We like to have hand held or give us a hug when we are depressed. Some Japanese women like for you to pat the head to cheer us up.

I hope this advice helps in meeting and successfully dating the Japanese woman of your dreams!