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How to Get a Japanese Girlfriend?

How to Get a Japanese Girlfriend?

How to Get a Japanese Girlfriend?

Let's say you've just arrived in Japan and you're having trouble meeting women. How do you attract Japanese women? Are there certain customs you're not aware of? Is it the language barrier?

The best way to attract Japanese women is the same way that department stores, clothing stores, etc. attract Japanese women. BRANDING.

You have to pick a style and stick with it. Not just jeans and a sweatshirt like you wear back home either! You need to be "Oshare" as they say in Japanese, or "Stylish." Not too much though. There is always the risk of looking "too" Japanese. That should be avoided above all else. Wear some hip clothes, but also accent your "foreign-ness."

Cleanliness is also a big factor. Japanese women like clean men. Clean-shaven, well-groomed hair, etc.

For a lot of Japanese women, dating a foreign guy is a way to show off her status. You are partially an accessory to whatever outfit she is wearing that day.

Of course, you can't change your appearance too much. That is to say you can't change your eye color, etc. (sans elective surgery.) However, if you feel like going the extra step, dying your hair blonde and putting in blue contacts will really attract Japanese women.

The final piece is money. Japanese women above most other things, want you to have money, and want you to buy her things with that money. Eventually, want you to take care of them financially (in the long-term.)

Some of these things you cannot change about yourself. However, it is best to be aware of what Japanese women are into and prepare yourself for hunting that beautiful Japanese girl you've always wanted to date.