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How to Approach Japanese Girls

How to Approach Japanese Girls

How to Approach Japanese Girls

So guys, how do you start up a conversation with Japanese girls? I hope for your sake it's not straight on face to face. By this I mean, I hope you are not directly facing each other.

Guys and girls have different ways of thinking about space. Japanese girls especially are shy and it is better to avoid direct interaction at first.

Men have a objective and move straight for it. Sometimes even ignoring other important things and only moving towards their goals. Women are different, especially Japanese women. Even if a guy falls from the sky right in front of us, we'd still think, "There are better guys to come."

We're patient.

So as guys move forward and feel some kind of connection before we Japanese women do. If you get to close to us right away, we'll only pull back.

What's the best solution then? You need to approach from the side.

The best way to do this is to get us in a setting that requires communication in such a manner. At a bar or restaurant are perfect. Try to appeal to us in from the side. It is said that men look best from an angle rather than straight-on anyway. Have you heard that before?

If you do happen to be forced to talk face to face, adjust your chair or turn slightly so you are at a 45 degree angle. I know it sounds silly, but it really does help.

It's not just the direction from which you approach or the angle you set yourself at either, the tone and volume of your voice is very important.

We respond to a more relaxed tone. Don't be too excited. Show us how adult you are. You might think that is too reserved, but that is what gets us. It's almost like fishing, leave the bait out there and relax. The trick is to get the women to respond to you and move in closer on their own.

And don't forget! Keep the conversation going with questions about her. Make her the focus, and show your best side, and I'm sure things will go well for you!