Conversation is Important

Conversation is Important

Conversation is Important

We've already discussed how to approach a women. But that was more about space.

This time, I want to give you advice as how to talk to Japanese women.

Japanese women are probably more feminine than foreign women. By that I mean is that Japanese women know little about sports and wear dresses most of the time. We like to look cute and feminine and be taken care of by men more than foreign women.

In that sense, you need to be able to talk about what women are interested in. Before going out to meet women, you should prepare topics to talk about that women would be interested in. Something regarding Japanese TV/pop culture would be a great start. Something light and fun is always best. And comments about our clothes are always welcome!

Your biggest worry should be about insulting Japan/Japanese culture/Japanese people. Comments about why no one speaks English, or why things are different than your country, etc. will only blow up in your face. We like that you are different than us, but we don't want to hear about why your ways are better than ours.

Foreign men can come across a bit pushy as well. We like to be approached, but being to forceful will just make us lose interest or run away! We like it when you are straight about your emotions! That is a point we really like! But it is important that you do not talk only about yourself. If you show interest in our lives, we will definitely fall for you!

And of course there is the first impression.

Women notice all the little things. How well your hair is set, any wrinkles in your clothes, dirty shoes, bad breath etc.

Your first impression is like a job interview, you need your outer appearance to be perfect to get your foot in the door.

Also, you need to be relaxed and decisive. Japanese men are very indecisive, and we don't like that. If we decide to go to somewhere or get food, we like men who have their minds made up about what they want/like.

So, make sure you are prepared for the next time you decide to meet some Japanese women and have confidence!