Very good event

The event had a lot of participants and I was able to meet great people and hook up with one. I would recommend this to anyone. At least try it once. You won’t be sorry.


Made me very happy

I have tried several different venues, however unsuccessfully, but I tried this a few times and finally made some headway. I’ve been going out and having a great time with a great lady that I met there. Anyone can do it. Definitely give it try at least once.


“Great place to meet women”

I went four times and left with a girl each time. The fourth one I have been dating for six months. It is a great place to meet women who are interested in foreigners.

Mike Thomas

“I usually match”

I’ve attended some Exeo events over the past year or so.? Each time I go,?I meet one or more women whom I’d like to spend more time with, and I?usually match with, and go on a date with them :-)

T. Viridis

“Would recommend”

I attended two different Exeo speed dating events and left each one with a date. In addition, meeting 25 women for 2 minutes each was a fun social experience.

I would recommend Exeo to any guys who are interested in dating?Japanese women and developing their social skills.

Canadian Man

“Definitely worth a try”

I’d highly recommend this to anyone looking to meet Japanese women. The

events are well-organized, and the atmosphere is very relaxed and

comfortable. Definitely worth a try.


“The whole experience was great”

I was single and ready to mingle. So, I went to Exeo International’s?parties in Tokyo. The whole experience was great and, best of all, I found?a date.

Guys, most of the girls at the parties are really looking for love. As you?get to meet a lot of girls in only a couple of hours, sometimes, it becomes?difficult to choose the right girl. For that reason, listen and think more?but speak less. It is better to go for the girl that likes you, rather?than, the girl that you like (the beautiful ones).

Best of luck!


“Beaten my initial expectation”

I had not tried speed dating before and was sceptical about it. However, I decided to give it a try. I must say Exeo International’s events have beaten my initial expectation by miles. I have met some really attractive women and went on several dates with.



Hi Simon,

Meet my wife thru your party back in Feb 2011.

Well done!

J Smith

“Fostered but not forced”

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people in an atmosphere that was fostered but not forced. Honestly, I wish there had been a few less women so I could have had more of an opportunity to speak with them individually. I can say I am glad I chose to break the traditional methods and experience something new.