Coming up on Saturday (31st) we have another Free-style party in Roppongi!

The party is in the (in)famous Heartland Bar!

We're in need of men for the event (lots of women signed up). I can therefore offer big discounts off the usual 3000yen fee.

Take a look at our Roppongi page ↓ for more info!

Coming up on March 31st we have another Free-style party in Roppongi!

The party is in the (in)famous Heartland Bar!

This our third party of this kind, with the first two having been extremely successful. There is no speed dating, just all free time. Alcohol is available at the bar, and you get one drink included in the entry fee.

The schedule is up now, so take a look at our Roppongi page ↓ for more info!

Still lots of space for our Osaka event this week.

Plenty of lovely ladies signed up, so get yourselves registered guys!

Great events last night in Ginza and Osaka.

Ginza had 14 men and 15 women, with 6 couples.
Osaka was 13 men and 19 women, with 7 couples.

Both parties had a great atmosphere and went really well generally.

Come along sometime soon!

We have events this Friday in Ginza and Nagoya!

Lots of women signed up already guys. We're especially low on men in Nagoya, so please spread the word!

Our special party yesterday was another big success.

The party was a little smaller, and more importantly we didn't have enough guys!

We had 29 women, but only 19 men! It didn't hurt the atmosphere too much, as most people talked in groups anyway.

10 couples were made, which is more than we expect from these free style events. It seemed that everyone had a great time.

We'll be holding another event like this on the 31st of March, again in Heartland Bar.

We have another special Roppongi party coming up next week on Saturday the 28th. We have lots of women signed up already.
The party will be the same format as our super successful Halloween party last year (which had 36 men and 42 women). For those of you who don't know, the party is a free style party (no speed dating), with alcohol and snacks available.
Sign yourselves up soon guys!

★ ★ Happy New Year!! ★ ★

Thanks everyone for making 2011 such a great year for Exeo International.

Here's hoping for health, happiness and of course love in 2012.

☆ ☆ Merry Christmas! ☆ ☆

Christmas (somewhat bizarrely) is a time for romance here in Japan. We always have a lot of new ladies coming to our events around Christmas time who are looking for some loving.
Come along you guys!

We have another special event coming up on the 28th of January.
The plan is for it to be the same style as our highly successful Halloween event in October.
It's still in planning, but we should have everything sorted out by the end of the year.