Check out our write up in NagMag !

Our weekly events around Japan have been going great recently. Our Shinjuku party last night had 16 men and 19 women, and 8 couples.
Next week (on Friday 9th) we have events in Ginza and Nagoya. Plenty of women registered already guys, so get yourselves signed up soon.

Our Los Angeles party last week was a big success. We had 27 men and 28 women, making 15 couples.
We also have a party in Honolulu in December! Please spread the word to any friends you may have out there!

Coming up on the 29th of October, we have our first ever Halloween Party!
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Our October Shinjuku party was featured on Fuji TV's "禁断のネタ帳" TV Show last night!
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(Japanese only)

Exeo International is now on Facebook

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Our male facebook fans will be given free entry to events where there are more women than men, irrespective of when they reserve!

In November we have another special collaboration party in Los Angeles!
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We have events this Friday in Shinjuku and Osaka!

Lots of women signed up already guys.

As always, sign up before 21:30 on Tuesday and it's totally free!

Our parties this Friday in both Ginza and Osaka are looking very big. We have loads of women signed up already.
We're in need of many more guys!

Our Japanese staff member has updated her blog! Check it out!
And hopefully see you on Friday!