Fun Time at a Low Cost

Well it was definitely a lot more fun than I was expecting. It’s kinda crazy with the speed, but I guess that’s how you gotta do it. I was happy paying 2000 yen, so for free it’s a steal!

‘Mr. S’

Fun Meeting New People

All the girls were really nice. Even the the one’s I wasn’t especially attracted to, I had a great time chatting with. It a great way to make new friends, not just to find love.


Had a Great Time!

Had a great time! Everything’s done in a really professional way, unlike a lot of similar outfits. Great service, properly provided. Keep up the good work!


Japanese women are so beautiful!

All of the women were so pretty and friendly. Even though there were a few shy girls, they soon opened up and were talking with me.

I was lucky enough to make a match and left the party with a girl on my arm! We actually started dating soon after, and we are still together!

Thanks for the great opportunity!